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Personalized Herbal Consultation
by the authors of
"Herbs, Immunity, Health" the book. 

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Stages of Care



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Stages of Viral Care


Most important part of avoiding Covid-19 or any virus is taking care of yourself with preventative measures


If you get symptoms: take action. We have authored both a free version and a comprehensive guide on what you can do to prevent an infection from getting worse. You can do such things as take herbs to change the course of the progression of the natural trajectory of the virus. Use our book & courses as a resource guide.Consult with your healthcare professional before taking any new supplements or herbs.


It's not too late. Many natural protocols can address the virus based on the symptomology presented. Using appropriate herbs, foods and lifestyle processes can impact the degree of severity of the infection. 


Continuing to keep yourself well is key to the path to recovery. Being consistent with herbal remedies, high quality foods, rest and lifestyle may expediate your recovery. 


Why Chinese Herbal Medicine for Immunity?

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Immune Health

The body is a complex system that integrates multiple functions to be in optimal health. Immune health has many aspects and needs the systems to work in synchronicity. When one part is compromised, this can create imbalances in the other systems. Thus, it is not one thing--but the many things to improve your system as a whole.


The health of your gut dictates the potency of your immune system. Digestion is the building block for good immunity. Chinese Herbal Medicine can treat many digestive issues - from gas, bloating, diarrhea to IBS and other autoimmune disorders that disrupt proper digestive function. 

Sleep Hygiene 

The quality of your sleep plays a role in the ability for your body to defend itself. When we sleep is when we heal. Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbs can aid in your ability to experience quality sleep. 


The body's ability to process toxins or waste products from environmental factors, proccessed food and other stressors determines it's ability to fight off exposures to viruses or bacteria. 

Weight Loss

Managing weight is crucial in keeping the immune system in check. It's not about the scale, but your body's ability to digest efficiently, process unwanted fluid and toxins while maintaining hormonal balance.


Much like detoxification, unmanaged stress taxes the body in a way that compromises natural systems that fight off infection. There are many herbs, teas, and mushrooms that can support relaxation.

Herbs and Minerals

Nature Provides the Wisdom of Ancient Medicine

Insights from the Clinic: Observations & Recommendations from Doctors of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology

While the world may seem overwhelming and uncertain, one thing is consistent--nature provides. Using the thousands of years old concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our health can be improved upon simply by adding herbs to our hot water to create teas, to our meals, on our skin topically, and enhancing the many healing opportunities for our bodies. 

This is an easy way to improve your health and boost your immunity. We know there are people out there looking for the conversations about how to improve our health from home. There are countless things that we can do to be well. We offer them here through our courses, videos and discussion. 

Who This is For

If you're simply looking for guidance and answers, we hope to provide some of that here. If you're a practitioner looking to share information with your patients, we offer a resource to refer those who are searching. We also will be offering Continuing Education (CEU's) for Acupuncturists in California.

Meet Amelia

Herbal Consult

A 30 min discussion on Health History, TCM diagnosis, and Herbs.

$50/30 min

Herbs and Condiment

Wellness Consult

30 min discussion on health & lifestyle, suggestions for at home self-care.

$75/30 min

White Objects

Qigong | Exercise or Meditation

A session of gentle exercises or guided meditation. 

$50/30 min

Basic Consult Telehealth Service



“Reading the eBook helped guide me to make better life choices and reconsider foods I was eating to help my immune system.”

— Susan R.

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